The Most Important Pieces of Yard Equipment For Homeowners to Have

Yard Products

Proper lawn care is an essential part of taking care of your home. According to Business Wire, 79% of Americans see a lawn as one of the most important features of a home when renting or purchasing. If you want to take better care of your yard, make sure you have a yard equipment repair expert you can count on as well as these essential tools.


A freshly mowed lawn during the spring looks and smells great, so make sure you’ve got a good mower for your yard. Mowers tend to last a long time, and yard equipment repair experts can even fix up older mowers that are starting to act up. If you don’t have a mower, then do some research and find a model you can keep for the next decade or two.

String Trimmer

String trimmers help you get all the spots you can’t mow, and they’re one of the most versatile yard tools. Everybody should have a string trimmer. Make sure you pick up some extra line so you don’t have to run to the store for a replacement if yours breaks. You can even use a string trimmer to neatly edge your lawn, although they make edgers as well.


Speaking of edgers, they can be invaluable tools for easily cleaning the edges of your lawn. Even when the rest of the lawn has been beautifully curated, it’s still important to create distinct boundaries between different areas of the landscape. Some edgers have different adjustable heights, while others also have durable shields to reduce material kickback as you perform yard work.


Many homeowners may be unaware of what a trencher is, as it’s a tool that’s often used for more demanding jobs. A trencher is a piece of equipment used to dig trenches, and they come in various forms. When you need to dig for irrigation or landscaping, especially in smaller spaces, a trencher is an ideal tool to use.

Leaf Blower

As nice as rakes are, you may want to opt for an easier tool to perform some of the same tasks. If you want to save yourself some of the manual labor that comes with using a rake and the possible yard equipment repair tasks that would be associated with it, invest in a leaf blower. Leaf blowers do the same job that rakes do, only you don’t have to do all the work yourself. Leaf blowers can also be helpful if you have a hard time bending over, which is sometimes a necessary evil when you’re raking.

Hedge Trimmer

Properly trimmed hedges can work miracles when it comes to transforming the way your home looks. Simply trimming up hedges to give them a square profile makes your home look a lot better, and that’s easy when you’ve got a good hedge trimmer. Hedge trimmers are simple to use, and you might be surprised how much fun you have once you start focusing on getting your hedges perfectly square.

Pole Pruner

Using a pole pruner can be easier than using shears. At times, you’ll encounter trees or shrubs that are too tough for your shears to handle, and that’s when pole pruners come in. As the name suggests, pole pruners are tools that have a long pole with a set of pruners on the end. Their length allows them to reach heights you’d be unable to reach otherwise.

Pressure Washer

If you have a patio or walkway you want to keep clean, you should keep a pressure washer in your toolset. Pressure washers make it easy to clean smooth, flat surfaces, and they’re affordable. There are both gas and electric models, each with its own advantages and drawbacks.

Small Chainsaw

A small chainsaw or pole saw can save you a lot of trouble. If there’s a branch growing into the neighbor’s yard or a small tree you want to cut down, then you need a saw that’s up to the task. Power saws can come with expensive yard equipment repair bills at times, but they’re well worth the money.

Yard work can go a long way toward making your home look its best, but you need to have the right equipment. Having a yard equipment repair center where you can take your equipment when it’s busted is also helpful. If you need help with taking care of your yard equipment or choosing the right equipment, give Landscapers Supply a call today.

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