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Popular Additions Commercial Properties Pay Landscapers For

Most businesses love to rent commercial properties that come with outdoor space — these are considered gems in the business world. Customers love shops, restaurants, and even malls with wide-open spaces and fresh air. One of the best ways to level up your outdoor space and create a stunning commercial landscape is to invest in the services of a commercial landscaping company. According to IBISWorld, more than 50% of the landscaping industry revenue comes from commercial properties. Apart from general lawn maintenance, most commercial property owners and business owners make extra requests and additions from their landscapers. Here are some you may want to consider.


Water Features


Commercial property owners love water features. Those with plenty of outdoor space go for these to elevate their landscape designs. Even companies looking to beautify their small cozy corners tend to request water features. Water features are a great way to create focal points for commercial landscapes. Commercial property owners usually request water features surrounded by low-lying planters, clear signage, and statement rocks. This is a simple and effective method that’s being used to beautify business properties.


Rooftop Gardens


A lot of commercial property owners struggle to find enough space for landscaping. This is true for most companies that operate in a concrete jungle-type environment. Companies in this situation looking to create outdoor spaces for their customers and employees to relax and even have lunch usually go for rooftop gardens. These are worthwhile additions that solve the problem of not having enough space. Many owners are turning their rooftops into gardens and green spaces; this allows tenants, employees, and customers to take breaks and soak up the sun.


Line Property Pathways


Commercial properties and landscapes always benefit from adding plants — they’re a great way to welcome customers to your business. Everyone loves seeing sites with lush, wispy plants. This can even be a way to put your customers into happy and relaxed moods. Commercial properties usually ask landscapers to line their walkways or building perimeters with small trees and green bushes. Some even go for the statement effect using oversized containers and plants. This is a great way to capture the attention of your customers and impress them with your beautiful landscape.


These are some popular additions requested by commercial properties. Get in touch with Landscapers Supply Inc today if you need access to reliable, affordable landscaping supplies. We would love to work with you to make your landscaping goals come true.