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Centipede was introduced by seed from China in 1919. Centipede is slow growing in height, but a highly aggressive colonizing grass that can be depended upon to produce a good, dense, relatively weed-free turf at low maintenance levels. In spite of its aggressiveness, Centipede is easily controlled and usually requires edging only once a year around walks and flowerbeds. Growing Centipede grass has a worldwide reputation for providing attractive lawn cover while having the lowest maintenance requirements of any turfgrass; a Centipede lawn is the lazy man’s preference. It can be grown from seed or quickly installed as sod. The easiest of all grasses to mow. Generally more trouble-free than the other grasses if watered properly and fertilized sparingly. It thrives in full sun, but is tolerant of partial shade.

Product Locations: Anderson|Easley|Greenville|Greer|Simpsonville

*Prices subject to change without notice.

  • 1 Pallet – covers 500 Sq Ft – $205
  • ½ Pallet – covers 250 Sq Ft – $115