We carry sprayers for all applications, whether it’s your home, garden, or professional use.  Handheld and backpack, liquid and granular materials, manual and gasoline powered. We have both Stihl and Echo sprayers in stock, check out these dependability brands.

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  • When you need more power than a manual sprayer, but want the same portability, the STIHL SR 200 is the answer. The SR 200 features a fuel-efficient engine that delivers up to 20% better fuel economy than most conventional 2-stroke engines. It’s easy to use with a one-hand joystick-style control handle and provides excellent control over rate and range of...

  • For both the distribution of liquid or solid insecticides, fertilizers, or herbicides, the low-emission, fuel-efficient STIHL SR 450 Backpack Sprayer has a larger, more powerful engine that provides a spray range 20% wider than previous models, taking 20% less time to spray the same area, depending on application. 

  • Protect your plants with the easy-to-use SG 11 manual handheld sprayer. The multipurpose SG 11 is great for spraying pesticides and disease-controlling chemicals outside or misting house plants inside. The sprayer is made with lightweight materials for added versatility so you can take it to task in the home, yard, garden or farm. 

  • When working with compounds such as pesticides and herbicides, accuracy and control are top priorities. The STIHL SG 20 manual backpack sprayer helps ensure constant working pressure, thanks to a pressurized fluid reservoir separate from the main tank. Now you can maintain constant pressure, even through refills. The sprayer is also comfortable and...

  • Get the SG 31 sprayer for its power, portability and spraying precision. Everyone from homeowners and gardeners to pest control professionals can benefit from this multipurpose sprayer. Built with lightweight materials, the SG 31 can be carried around the yard, garden, or farm with relative ease. 

  • The SG 71 manual backpack sprayer is perfect for up-close applications – like pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and fertilizers. The sprayer maintains constant working pressure thanks to a pressurized fluid reservoir that is separate from the main tank,helping ensure greater accuracy when you’re on the job. 

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items